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International Arrivals was inspired by the plight of artists affected by the war in Ukraine. This conflict highlights the necessity to support those who are displaced from their homes, impacted by political, economic and social conflicts. The current refugee crisis has created a charged atmosphere surrounding immigration issues, and art can fascilitate more open discussions and personal perspectives on migration. 

For International Arrivals, collaboration is at the core, connecting artists to communities through partnerships with organizations that not only support the arts but offer spaces for the exchange of ideas, collective learning and sharing.

Who We Are

Anna Khimasia is an independent curator and academic Her curatorial focus has always been on under-recognized voices and often-erased histories. She has worked as a researcher and editor, organized conferences, written critical reviews and catalogue essays, moderated panels, been a Board Member, given guest lectures and workshops, engaged in public conversations with numerous artists, introduced speakers, produced podcasts, organized public programming and worked as a strategic consultant for many institutions. She is currently a lecturer in Contemporary Art at both Rutgers and UCLA. 

Emily Lutzker is a consultant for nonprofits and companies and works with cross-functional teams to get projects off the ground and help them shine. She has organized large conferences and curated multiple lecture series for various audiences in the arts and culture sector, as well as the private sector. A former artist and academic, she’s been known for revitalizing brands, developing creative strategy, brand strategy, and film and video productions. Her career has spanned fine arts, academia, integrated marketing, tech startups, digital design, and media production.


Inquiries to partner with us are welcome and wanted.

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